Our Staff


Mandy Turner is WabiSabi's Executive Director, hailing from the woods of Pennsylvania. She’s been with WabiSabi since April 2012. She loves good light, rare finds, sitting around a fire (camp or otherwise), and family and friends. She’s best described by an old book: she’s filled with good stories and smells musty most of the time.

tiny zen!.JPG

Nara Bopp is our Program Director. She comes from the urban grime of Chicago via the progressive farmy colleges of Massachusetts. She first came to WabiSabi as an Americorps Vista in 2013 and took up the Program Director position in January of 2016. She likes dogs, naps, radio and popcorn. In a thrift store, she is most like an old couch. Soft, comfortable, covered in dog hair and surrounded by friends.

E.T. is our Administrative Assistant, and may be an alien. He has been with WabiSabi since April of 2015. He is a native of Moab, UT. He loves gnosis, sleep, music, writing, coffee, fractals, and books, pretty much in that order. He always uses the oxford comma. The thrift store item that describes E.T. is a used board game, because he is done with "the game" and is ready to pass it on to someone else. He loves WabiSabi because it is a bulwark against waste, hosts a group of great people, and is a fantastic place to work.

AnneMarie Mueller is our Americorps VISTA member. She has been at WabiSabi since 2016 and originally hails from South East Michigan. She loves SCUBA diving, sea turtles, and making things! In a thrift store, she is best represented by a container: she is good at organizing and making things look nice! 

Maddy "Maddog" Johnson is a Retail Associate. She hails from Kentucky and has been at WabiSabi since 2016. She loves creating, biking, and recycling and feels she is best described by kitten collectables because of their cute little faces.

Kai and Zen are the resident Office Cats. They have been with WabiSabi since June of 2016. They spend their days playing with yarn, climbing piles of plastic bags, and napping on various chairs and window sills. 

Our Board of Directors

Rikki Epperson is our Board President, as of Feburary 2016. She is originally from Salt Lake City, UT, but has lived in Moab for many years. She loves live music, cats (her cats!), Moab hiking and crafting. The thrift store item that describes Rikki is a bin of random vinyl records, because she's a bit country, and a bit rock & roll! She loves WabiSabi because it supports so many wonderful organizations and unites the Moab community through awesome programs and events.

Abby Scott is the Board Vice President. She is also from Salt Lake City, UT and joined the Wabi board in February 2016. She loves sewing, skiing, rivers, and hot, hot days! The thrift store item that Abby chose to describe herself is an old wig, because she adds flair to any situation. She loves WabiSabi because it is such a weird and beautiful part of the Moab community.

Brandy Bowmaster is a Board Member. 

Brandy is originally from Missouri. She came to Moab from Montana for one winter and never left, for better or worse! She loves birds, lichen, hiking, and her dog that warbles. She is best described as a vintage cast iron skillet: tough and practical with a smooth finish.


Holly Dinsmore is our Community Donations Manager, and is also pretty much everything else you can be at Wabi, being the longest serving member of WabiSabi! She hails from Hartford, Ohio and many places between there and here. Holly has been with WabiSabi since 2004. She loves her kids, her dogs, her friends, and her job! In Wabi, she is any item that someone has asked her to find because she is the finder of stuff and thing


Violeta Wynn is our Store Manager. She hails from Lithuania, and has worked for WabiSabi since 2012. She loves her daughter, her husband, life, and working in a thrift store, because there’s always something new. This is very cool.


Jason Skeen is our Transportation Coordinator and resident Electronics Wizard. The rest of the details are classified.

Didar Gamze Charles is a Retail Associate. She is originally from Turkey, and has been working at WabiSabi since 2016. She loves watching and participating in theater. She also loves to exercise and garden! In a thrift store she relates most to a calculator, a clock, or a mason jar. 

Adam is our Building Supply Specialist. he hails from Manchester, Conneticut and has been at WabiSabi since 2017. He loves playing his drums, skateboarding and snowboarding. He is best described by the painting of ET that hangs in the store.


Chris Kauffman is our Board Treasurer. He grew up in Moab and has owned and operated Manzana Springs Vegetable Farm since 2002. He is currently serving his first term as the Grand County Treasurer.  He likes to hike, raft and catch frogs with his 5 year old son. 


Thrift store item: Tan cargo shorts - very functional for work or play in the desert. 

Andrew Austin is a Board Member. He hails from Texas. He loves music, hiking, his dogs, and his wife. He is most like a Herb Alpert record: it was once very popular, and now nobody wants it.

Angie Settle