Welcome Liz Dana!

WabiSabi is pleased to announce Liz Dana as our new Executive Director!


Liz joined our team in February 2018 as Operations Manager where her passion for WabiSabi and the Moab community manifested immediately.  Liz also brings her extensive background in law, business, economics, and accounting, as well as a keen ability to think strategically: invaluable leadership traits that will help us as we grow and reorganize to better serve our purpose of supporting Moab’s incredible local nonprofits. Liz is "looking forward to helping WabiSabi reach its full potential by building on its great foundation developed over the last 16 years.  Through increasing our investment in local nonprofits, we will strengthen our community and take our work to the next level."  

Lily Houghton, WabiSabi’s Board President believes that "Liz's energy, dedication and positive outlook truly embody the spirit of WabiSabi.  We are thrilled to have her as our team leader, and look forward to her expanding the role of Wabi in our community."  

Kevin Clyde, who also serves on WabiSabi’s Board of Directors shared, “Liz is well prepared to become the leader of WabiSabi as our organization grows with new challenges to meet.  She brings experience and skill in accounting, marketing, retail management, and law to strengthen us.  She is well known after living in Moab for two years as a kind and thoughtful humanitarian.  Under her leadership, WabiSabi will continue to enrich Moab by supporting our nonprofit community and providing relief to those in need.”   

Liz moved to Moab almost 2 years ago and now lives with her fiancé and four soon to be step-children.  Her desire to create an equitable and sustainable community led her to become involved in addressing Moab’s housing crisis.  In addition to her work with WabiSabi, she serves as Chair of the Moab Area Community Land Trust and serves on the Moab Area Housing Task Force, two local organizations dedicated to creating affordable housing in Moab.  When she is not working, she can often be found hiking on one of the many trails in and around Moab.   

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Liz Dana!   

Fall MAD IMPACT Grants Now Open!

In light of Moab's current recycling predicament and our ongoing commitment to promoting responsible use of resources, this year's WabiSabi Fall MAD Impact Grant will fund up to $2,500 for one outstanding project that focuses on creative reuse within the community.

MAD flyer final.jpg

WabiSabi and UNA Present: Fundraising and Resource Development


This course will cover: Funding Diversity Strategies, Resource Planning and Evaluation, Ethical and Effective Fundraising, and Staff and Board Roles in Developing and Implementing Your Funding Strategy!

Classroom Session 1: Thursday, April 26, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Classroom Session 2: Friday, April 27, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Workshop: Friday, May 4, 2017, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

2017 Numbers Are IN!


2017 was a HUGE year! We celebrated our 15th birthday,  hosted our first weekly afterschool club, gave away over $40,000 in financial and material donations, distributed proceeds to 11 Nonprofit Partners, kept countless items out of the landfill, funded 8 Make a Difference Projects, hosted 11 monthly networking socials, organized 7 creative workshops, fed over 675 people a delicious Thanksgiving Meal, clocked 2,544 volunteer hours, and kept our thrift store doors for 363 out of 365 days!
.....all thanks to your volunteering, donations and purchases!