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BAKE SALE for Pride!

Hello! Moab Pride is three months out and we have only 15% of our budget raised. We need YOUR help community members! Come bring baked goods in the name of queer visibility and let's brain storm on how we can raise the FUNds to make this magic happen at the Farmer's Market July 7th. 

Will will be there at 3:30 PM to set up.

Please list what you plan on baking here:

Purpose: We are creating an event that can sustain itself while providing critical accessible LGBTQIA programming and safer spaces for the community. Accessible LGBTQIA programming means creating dialogue, safer spaces and visibility through art, workshops, and celebrations that are inclusive for all ages. All funds raised beforehand and during will go towards supporting Moab Pride programming, GSA initiatives in our public schools, as well as LGBTQIA programming during the year in Moab.