2018 Nonprofit Partners

Currently, we have 11 Nonprofit Partner organizations. Our partner program has always represented an entirely grassroots collaboration, designed to empower individuals to actively support their community by connecting with local nonprofits. We partner with organizations that represent the diverse needs of the community, ranging from the Native American Club at our local high school to KZMU, our all-volunteer solar-powered community radio station. Partners are generally with WabiSabi for the long-haul, but can change year to year based on a variety of factors and the most urgent needs in the community. Some partners willingly graduate so that other new organizations can receive funding. Others have been with us for over 10 years!

The WabiSabi Nonprofit Partner program has been immensely successful. Since the inception of this collaborative effort in May of 2002, the community has rallied to endorse us and encourage the work that we do. 14 years later, Moabites continue to donate goods, purchase items, and volunteer their time, energy, and resources, allowing us, in turn, to strengthen the Moab community on every level.