WabiSabi Programs


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Nonprofit Partner Program

Individuals can vote for one of the Nonprofit Partners each time they make a donation or a purchase from WabiSabi’s store. The amount of each Nonprofit Partner’s financial award is based on the total number of votes the organization receives at WabiSabi’s two thrift stores. Twice a year,  WabiSabi’s net proceeds are distributed to WabiSabi’s Nonprofit Partners.  In recent years, WabiSabi has sponsored between 11 and 15 organizations per year. The Partners are determined by a board subcommittee through an application process.


The WabiSabi Nonprofit Network program aims to strengthen the presence of nonprofits in our area, educate the public on the value of these organizations, enhance member groups’ effectiveness, and encourage the sharing of resources. The program accomplishes this through educational workshops and networking events for nonprofits.



The Make a Difference in Moab Fund was designed to help individuals bring their innovative projects to life. The fund awards up to $750 for individuals to complete creative projects that strengthen the Moab community. A total of $19,032 has been awarded to MAD projects since 2003. The fund is open to all individuals and organizations whose goal is to make a difference in Moab. Applications are accepted in the spring and fall of each year. Awardees are determined by a board subcommittee.

Voucher Program

WabiSabi gives free materials to those in immediate need through our voucher program. These vouchers are filled out by Moab organizations that are serving those in immediate need or crisis situations (i.e. Seekhaven, the Fire Department). Individuals and families may then visit WabiSabi and have their material needs met at no charge. We have no dollar amount limitations on how much we will donate at one time. For more information, call 259-2553 or e-mail outreach@wabisabimoab.org

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By helping us, you can have an impact on the whole town. Our volunteer program mobilizes people to maximize Moab’s resources and strengthen the community. WabiSabi is Moab’s hub of nonprofit activity, and your help allows us to make sure we’re giving all the support and funding we can to our nonprofit partners. We want to make sure everyone with something to share, including their time, can find a way to help others in need. Whether you have a couple of hours a day or a couple of days a month, we’d love to have you on board.


Community Donations

All nonprofit organizations are qualified to receive free materials from WabiSabi through our Community Donations program. These organizations submit a Wish List, which is filled on an “as it comes available basis”. Most of the material needs are filled straight from the incoming donation stream and never even reach the saleroom floor. Some are items that have been pulled from the floor after they have not sold. Some private individuals or businesses may also qualify for Community Donations depending upon the individual event they are putting on. These events are determined by staff.

WabiSabi also uses excess materials to provide fun and creative learning opportunities through bi-monthly workshops, a BEACON after-school club and by providing hands-on activities at community events.