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WabiSabi’s mission is to increase the community impact of local nonprofits by providing money, materials and mentorship. Read on to see how we offer these invaluable services to our nonprofit community through our programs!


Nonprofit Partner program

Each time an individual makes a purchase at WabiSabi they will receive a token to vote for one of our 12 Nonprofit Partners. Purchases under $5 will be awarded a 10¢ token, and purchases over $5 will get a token worth $1. Individuals may also purchase $1 tokens to donate to the organization of their choice. The amount of each Nonprofit Partner’s financial award is based on the total number of votes the organization receives each month. WabiSabi’s net proceeds are distributed to WabiSabi’s Nonprofit Partners in the form of monthly checks, WabiSabi currently sponsors 12 Nonprofit Partners. Organizations can apply each year for partnership and will receive funding for one year. Applications for Nonprofit Partnership open August 15th and are due October 15th.



Impact Project Grants: The Make a Difference in Moab Fund was designed to help individuals bring their innovative projects to life. The fund awards up to $2,500 for an organization to implement projects that allow the organization to further their mission. Two applicants will be selected each year for a total of $5,000; organizations that apply together are eligible to receive the total amount. The fund is open to any organization whose goal is to make a difference in Moab. Awardees are determined by a board subcommittee. These grants open April 15th and are due June 15th.

Scholarships: The MAD Fund has recently expanded to include scholarship opportunities for local organizations to attend trainings, workshops and conferences near and far. Scholarships of up to $300 are available on a rolling basis, and one Scholar of the Year will receive $1,500 to attend a high-impact training. The Scholar of the Year application period opens June 15th and is due August 15th.



All nonprofit organizations are qualified to receive free materials from WabiSabi through our Community Donations program. These organizations submit a Wish List, which is filled on an “as it comes available basis”. Most of the material needs are filled straight from the incoming donation stream and never even reach the salesroom floor. Some are items that have been pulled from the floor after they have not sold. Some private individuals or businesses may also qualify for Community Donations depending upon the individual need/situation. These specific situations are determined by the staff. Click here to fill out a wishlist!


WabiSabi gives free materials to those in immediate need through our voucher program. These vouchers are filled out by Moab organizations that are serving those in immediate need or crisis situations (i.e. Seekhaven, the Fire Department). Individuals utilizing this program will receive a voucher issued through a partnering organization and are eligible to receive one voucher per two month period. Each voucher contains clear instructions of what items are eligible, and each is worth up to $50. If a family is in need, each member is given their own individual voucher. Once vouchers are awarded to families or individuals, they may visit WabiSabi and have their material needs met at no charge. For more information on vouchers call our office: (435) 259-2553.

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Monthly Socials


The WabiSabi Nonprofit Network program aims to strengthen the presence of nonprofits in our area, educate the public on the value of these organizations, enhance member groups’ effectiveness, and encourage the sharing of resources. The program accomplishes this through educational workshops and networking events for nonprofits.

Advice and resources

WabiSabi offers information for and about local nonprofits. Together with the City of Moab, and USU, we’ve brought the Foundation Center Database to Moab. We are always working to provide more nonprofit resources for the Moab community! .