Why volunteer with WabiSabi? By helping us, you can have an impact on the whole town. Our volunteer program mobilizes people to maximize Moab’s resources and strengthen the community. WabiSabi is Moab’s hub of nonprofit activity, and your help allows us to make sure we’re giving all the support and funding we can to our nonprofit partners. We want to make sure everyone with something to share, including their time, can find a way to help others in need.

Anyone can volunteer! Whether you have a couple of hours a day or a couple of days a month, we’d love to have you on board. Our volunteer openings include everyday tasks in our thrift store, high school internships, special building and art projects, and much more. Feel free to call or email us and ask what we have available.

WabiSabi’s volunteers get some sweet perks. By volunteering consistently, you can get a WabiSabi t-shirt, invitations to our volunteer appreciation parties, and a store discount of 15%-30%. You also have the unique opportunity to gain retail experience, connect with fellow community members, and learn about Moab’s waste stream.

Interested? Let us know! Prospective volunteers should fill out this volunteer application to tell us about your interests, and we’ll get in touch with you. If you have any questions or want more information, contact the office at 435-259-2553, or email our Volunteer Coordinator directly at volunteer@wabisabimoab.org.

More Places To Volunteer

Looking for other places to donate your time and make a difference in Moab? Check out the Volunteer Moab website for more information on various volunteer programs at other non-profits in town.

Current Opportunities

WabiSabi is one of Moab’s most important resources for directing gently used goods away from the landfill and into another home.  We couldn’t do that as well as we do without your help!

Specific opportunities to help include sorting donations, putting out books, and general store maintenance and yard work.   

Sorting Donations

After particularly busy bumps in donations, volunteers are invited to help sort donations. You’ll learn about Moab’s waste stream and we’ll give you first dibs on any cool items you find. Volunteers help WabiSabi give more to our nonprofit partners! Give us a call or an email if you’re interested, and we’ll let you know when the next sorting party is on.

Calling all bookworms!

WabiSabi’s bookstore is a dynamic place, with a constant flow of books in and out. We are looking for dedicated volunteers to help us with weekly or bi-weekly book and media organization. After an initial training, you can come and go at your leisure.


Please fill out our volunteer application below if you are interested in any of these opportunities, and then we’ll contact you! We aim to respond within a week to all volunteer inquiries, but sometimes our busy community programs schedule prevents us from getting back to you right away. We thank you for your patience. Feel free to email volunteer@wabisabimoab.org to follow up or for more information.



WabiSabi Volunteer Application

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